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Chamber Music

Sheet music is available for sale in the store section of this site


Dancing in the Eye of the Storm (2022) for cello and piano


c. 4'

Premiered October, 2022 at Festival Mozaic, San Luis Obispo, CA

Jonah Kim, cello

Dominic Cheli, piano

sheet music available here


Sextet (2010) for clarinet, piano & string quartet


c. 20', a three-movement work

Performed July, 2013 at the Atlantic Music Festival (ME)


Soojin Huh, clarinet, Sheridan Seyfried, piano, Dennis Kim, Elly Suh, violins, Pu Ruem Cho, viola, Jonah Kim, cello

sheet music available here

I. Lento; Energico
II. Andante cantabile
III. Con spirito
Blues Train

Blues Train (2015) for violin and marimba

c. 3'

Performed by the ViMaDeAn Duo

(Anastasia Petrunina and Denis Petrunin)

sheet music available here


Night (2002) for solo violin

c. 6'

Performed by Ray Chen

at the 2008 Menuhin Competition


sheet music available here

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